Feel Confident About Every Training Program that You Write

(No matter the goal...fat loss, strength, performance, etc.)

Did you know...
...that most coaches spend up to 10 hours per week writing programs… and still struggle to write training programs that they’re confident in?

Sound familiar?

(What could you do if you got those 10 hours back?)

Here’s the problem you face: you’re programming blindly (no directions based on good metrics) and you don’t have an easy to use program design system.

Which means that if you don’t get your programming metrics and program design system figured out soon, you’ll go on wasting hours and hours on programming without every really knowing if your programs are getting the results that you tell your clients that they’re going to get.


Well, here’s some great news: you can overhaul your program design in one day and know that you’re making the right choices for your clients…while saving yourself a ton of time in the process.

Introducing our Program Design University Live Workshop!

During this one-day live workshop you'll:

  • Learn testing protocols that make programming decisions easy so that you’re not wasting time trying to figure out what your clients should do.
  • Discover exactly how to program mobility, core, power, and strength so that you’re not second guessing your programming decisions.
  • Get our exact program design system, so that writing programs takes you essentially no time at all…giving you more free time or time to work on your business.
  • ​Build your program design templates so that you have solid starting points for any type of client, keeping paralysis by analysis at bay so that you’re cranking out programs that you’re confident in.
  • ​Cut the confusion about writing conditioning programs. You’ll learn how to give clients the conditioning that they need while also giving them the fun that they want so that they stay engaged with training and keep coming back.
  • ​ Put it all together and write a program with us live! You’ll walk away with clarity on how to apply everything that you learned during the workshop.

Will Our Program Design System Work for Your Clients? Heck yeah!

We’ve applied what we teach in the Program Design University workshops with every type of client imaginable: from Tier 1 operators to collegiate athletes to gen pop clients that just want to look, move, and feel better.

And we’ve seen our program design system work time and time again…all while saving coaches tons of time in the process.
Here’s what other coaches have to say about our program design education and what it’s done for them:

"It has decreased the amount of time I spend programming and has improved the quality of my programs. And, most importantly, my quality of life."
-Patrick S., Kentucky

"This seminar will save you time, money, and stress through learning how to program effectively and efficiently."
-Patrick E., Connecticut

"The value that I've gotten from being able to write programs in less time but with more confidence can't be over stated."
-Caroline J., Chicago

The Next Program Design University Live Workshop is happening on February 19th, 2022 at Flahive's Strength Training in Niles, Illinois.

(Click the map image to go to Google Maps)

We're co-hosting the event with the CFSC. When you sign up for both events you save HUGE. (You can literally attend both seminars for LESS THAN what it normally costs to get your CFSC Level 1.) Keep scrolling for how to take advantage.

Here's the exact breakdown of the Program Design University Live Workshop:

8:00am: Registration
8:30am: Intro/Welcome
8:45am: What do you need to know? (Intake and testing)
10:00am: The Year-Round Perfect Scenario (outlining the big picture of program design and working backwards)
11:00am: Power programming
     -Exercise selection
        -Goal/intent/skill filter
        -Training phase
        -Type of exercise
        -Intensive vs extensive
        -Set and rep schemes
1:00pm: Strength programming
      -Exercise selection
        -Goal/intent/skill filter
        -Training phase
        -Type of exercise
        -Intensive vs extensive
        -Set and rep schemes
2:15pm: Mobility programming
     -What mobility is and what it isn't
     -Using the 4x4 matrix
     -Areas of focus
       -The "knots"
3:00pm: Conditioning programming
        -Types of training (anaerobic-alactic, anaerobic-lactic, aerobic capacity, aerobic power)
        -Exercise selection
        -RPE prescription and monitoring
        -Types of training (aerobic capacity)
        -Fighting boredom
        -Skill building
4:15pm: Building your program design templates
     -Answering the questions that will help you build your templates
        -What's the year-round "perfect" scenario?
        -What's the overall outcome desired?
        -What's the specific goal?
        -What's the client type?
5:00pm: Putting it all together and writing a program
     -We write a program, together, live!

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We'll send you a discount code for an additional $50 off your Program Design University Live registration. And the guys at the CFSC will give you $150 off of your registration for the Level 1 event if you register for the Program Design Live Workshop and the CFSC Level 1. (You'll get both events for only $600. The CFSC Level 1 normally costs $650)

And...How about a sweet bonus?

We also have a sweet bonus for you that’s only eligible if you sign up for the early bird!
We’re going to hook you up with one month FREE of Program Design University Online.
You’ll get access to 8 program design courses, along with 7 bonus courses on other relevant fitness industry topics (like marketing, sales, managing clients, etc.)
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We Guarantee You'll Walk Away with Improved Program Design Skills

If it doesn’t immediately improve your program design, we’ll give you your money back. No hard feelings.

Click below for Early Bird Registration for $199 $149!

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